The “Planetary Systems” team at IA focuses its activities around two major branches: Exoplanet research and Solar System atmospheres.
All this research is supported by our strong leading participation in a number of international projects and collaborations, including ESO and ESA projects and missions.

Latest press releases

CHEOPS mission extension has begun
Published 10 October, 2023 in Outreach

Several researchers from the Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço have leadership roles in this mission from the European Space Agency (ESA). Learn more (in Portuguese) » read more ❯
1000 planets' telescope proceeds to construction
Published 3 August, 2023 in Outreach

Planeta a transitar em frente da sua estrela, o que permite estudar a sua atmosfera.

The European Space Agency validated the design of the scientific instruments of the Ariel space mission, which has an important participation of the Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço... read more ❯


Upcoming activities

There are no new activities planned yet.

Past activities

PoET Workshop 2023

A 2-day workshop with the main goal of discussing The use of the Sun as a proxy for correcting/modelling stellar activity, the role of PoET in this effort and collaborations with other facilities; The detailed instrumental design of PoET; Building a science community around PoET.
Free registration

3rd Planetary Systems Day @ IA

IA planetary systems group is organizing the 3rd of the yearly Planetary Systems Day. The day will feature presentations of planetary research works being done by the team and external collaborators, plus a presentation and discussion sessions dedicated to the forthcoming ESA space mission ARIEL.
Free registration



Abstract: Despite the substantial knowledge that has been acquired over the past years, there are still many open questions in the field of Read more


FIERCE aims at providing the long-needed step forward to tackle the challenges of stellar activity on the search for Exoearths. The detection and Read more