The “Planetary Systems” team at IA focuses its activities around two major branches: Exoplanet research and Solar System atmospheres.
All this research is supported by our strong leading participation in a number of international projects and collaborations, including ESO and ESA projects and missions.

Latest press releases

ESO signs agreement for ANDES instrument on the ELT
Published 5 June, 2024 in Outreach

The construction of the ANDES spectrograph, to be installed in the largest telescope of the next generation, ESO's ELT, has a strong participation of Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do... read more ❯
First ‘glory’ on hellish distant world?
Published 5 April, 2024 in Outreach

Led by an Instituto de Astrofísica e Ciências do Espaço researcher, the team used ESA's Cheops space telescope to observe potential signs of the rainbow-like ‘glory effect’ in the... read more ❯


Upcoming activities

PoET Workshop 2024

A 3-day workshop with the main goal of discussing The use of the Sun as a proxy for correcting/modelling stellar activity, the role of PoET in this effort and collaborations with other facilities; The detailed instrumental design of PoET; Building a science community around PoET.
Free registration

Past activities

4th Planetary Systems Day @ IA

IA planetary systems group is organizing the 4th yearly Planetary Systems Day @ IA. The day will feature presentations of planetary research works being done by the team and external collaborators, plus a presentation and discussion sessions dedicated to the forthcoming ESA space mission PLATO.
Free registration



Abstract: Despite the substantial knowledge that has been acquired over the past years, there are still many open questions in the field of Read more


FIERCE aims at providing the long-needed step forward to tackle the challenges of stellar activity on the search for Exoearths. The detection and Read more