2nd Planetary Systems day @ IA

IA planetary systems group is organizing the 2nd of the bi-yearly Planetary Systems Day. The day will feature presentations of planetary research works being done by the team and external collaborators.


10h20 Welcome and introduction (Santos, N. C.)
10h40 Venus upper atmosphere revealed by a GCM (Gilli, G.)
11h00 Stellar clustering and orbital architecture of planetary systems (Adibekyan, V.)
11h20 Warm terrestrial planet with half the mass of Venus transiting a nearby star (Demangeon, O.)
11h40 The Chemical link between stars and their rocky planets (Soares, B.)
12h00 LUNCH
13h30 ESPRESSO high-resolution transmission spectroscopy of WASP-76 b (Martins, J. H. C.)
13h50 The SOPHIE search for northern extrasolar planets. XVIII. Six new cold Jupiters, including one of the most eccentric exoplanet orbits (Camacho, J.)
14h10 Determination of spectroscopic parameters for 313 M dwarf stars from their APOGEE Data Release 16 H-band spectra (Delgado Mena, E.)
14h30 Studying Minor Bodies of the Solar System (Peixinho, N.)
“Solar and stellar activity and exoplanet research: atmospheres, transits and RVs”
Introductory presentations by Barros, S. C. C.; Faria, J. and Santos, A. R. G.
16h30 THE END