EPIC: Exploring exoPlanets wIth CHEOPS


PI: S. Sousa

Co-PI: S. Barros



The Characterizing Exoplanet Satellite (CHEOPS) is the first ESA mission fully dedicated to the study of exoplanets. The Exploring exoPlanets wIth Cheops (EPIC) project proposes to make use of our leading participation in the mission to exploit its scientific data. We propose to develop and implement new state-of-the-art tools for advanced data analysis addressing two main critical problems for the detailed characterisation of the exoplanets where our team has unique know-how within the CHEOPS Science Team (CST):

i) the precise characterisation of the host stars;

ii) a detailed modelling of the planetary signatures in the observed light curves.

The EPIC project will thus have a strong impact in the scientific exploitation of the CHEOPS mission and in our capability to lead different projects within the CST (including the leadership of scientific publications). Furthermore, the research done is also fundamental for future missions such as TESS and PLATO, where our team is involved.