3rd Planetary Systems Day @ IA


Artist view of an exoplanet system. Courtesy ESO.

IA planetary systems group is organizing the 3rd of the yearly Planetary Systems Day. The day will feature presentations of planetary research works being done by the team and external collaborators, plus a presentation and discussion sessions dedicated to the forthcoming ESA space mission ARIEL.


Session 1 – Auditorium

10:30 – Introduction – Nuno C. Santos

10:40 – CHEOPS reveals the deformation of WASP-103b – Susana Barros

11:00 – The unexpected detection of Barium in the atmospheres of ultra-hot gas giants – Tomás Silva

11:20 – Diversity of terrestrial planets: a link to the chemical makeup of their host stars – Vardan Adibekyan

11:40 – Semi-Bayesian template matching and its application to ESPRESSO data – André Silva

12:00 – 3D Climate modelling of rocky exoplanets with a Venus-like atmosphere: LP 890-9 c and TRAPPIST-1 c – Diogo Quirino

12:20 – Lunch at Biology canteen

Session 2 – Auditorium

13:30 – Planetary science across light-years with Ariel – Giovanna Tinetti (UCL, UK)

13:50 – Portuguese participation in the framework of Ariel space mission – Pedro Machado

14:10 – Homogeneous Ages and Masses for Stars in the Ariel Reference Sample – Tiago Campante

14:30 – Studying warm Neptunes to better understand the cold ones – Jérémy Leconte (CNRS, FR)

14:50 – Chemical characterisation for Ariel stars – Elisa Delgado Mena

15:10 – Coffee break

Discussion session – Conference room

15:20 – ARIEL Discussion (Chair: Pedro Machado)

16:50 – End

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