1º dia de Sistemas Planetários @ IA

O grupo de sistemas planetários IA organiza o 1º dia bianual dos sistemas planetários. O dia conta com apresentações de trabalhos de pesquisa planetária realizados pela equipe e colaboradores externos.


10:00    Welcome and introduction – Nuno Santos
10:10    On the eccentricity of warm Neptunes – Alexandre Correia (invited)
10:30    Trends in stellar chromospheric activity – João Gomes da Silva
10:50    Correlation between photometric variability and RV – Saeed Hojjatpanah
11:10    The Proxima system as revealed with ESPRESSO – João Faria
11:30    The Pi Mensae system as revealed with ESPRESSO – Susana Barros
11:50    Discussion – ALL
12:15    Lunch Break
14:00    The LHS1140 system – Jorge Lillo Box (invited)
14:20    Unveilling the atmosphere of HD209458 with ESPRESSO – Eduardo Cristo
14:40    Are there rings in HIP41378f? – Babatunde Akinsanmi                                                  
15:00    The dynamics of Venus atmosphere – José Silva
15:20    Discussion topic: PLATO and the star-planet interface
Introductory talk – Morgan Deal (invited, stellar line)
General discussion – ALL. Moderators: V. Adibekyan, N. Santos
16:30 End of Meeting